Sunday, August 7, 2011

Baby Shower Cookies

Its been a while! Moving into a new house will definitely keep you busy. The good news is, I finally have a nice big kitchen with an island and plenty of counter space to work with. No more nightmare baking sessions in a galley-style kitchen, ugh.

I've been wanting to make decorated sugar cookies again for some time now, but have been reluctant since I haven't been able to find the perfect recipe; one that tastes good, is slightly tender, and doesn't spread to a misshapen blob of a cookie.

So after much searching and a lot of wasted dough, I found it!

A friend at work needed some baby shower cookies for her friend's party, so I was happy to try out some new tricks.

I also found a new Royal Icing recipe, and it seems much better than the Martha Stewart one I had been using all this time. It doesn't get as tooth-shattering hard and has a better taste. I suppose for shipping cookies, Martha's may be better.

I have a niece on the way, and will be having a baby shower in late October for her. Should be posting many pictures of my first try at a dessert table for that.

I need to practice making cakes now. Scary.